Business Start-up and Support

Start-up assistance and enterprise support refers to the help we provide to enterprises going through a phase of economic structural change: This help involves a broad range of consultancy services especially for start-ups, assistance in issues regarding successors for enterprises, information on subsidies, and of course dialogue with the political establishment.
A vibrant economy needs to be constantly going through renewal.
  • We promote structural change, by providing new companies with expert advice, and then accompanying them throughout their development.
  • Our support of Bremen companies at home and abroad underlines our active commitment to the successful implementation of structural change.
We offer contract consultancy services.
The Chamber of Commerce is responsible for contract consultancy in the Federal State of Bremen. This is an important instrument designed not only to promote Bremen's economy, but also to provide consultancy services to Bremen's enterprises. We thus assume an important intermediary role between public procurement agencies on the one hand and industry and commerce on the other hand, the focus however being on small and medium-sized enterprises. We advise enterprises in the Federal State of Bremen on all issues relating to public procurement contracts. When public authorities make enquiries for public works etc, we provide them with a list of suitable companies.