Innovation / Environment

Innovation and the environment refer to our commitment to increase the growth potential of industry and commerce in Bremen, and it is our mission to both create and maintain a set of reliable conditions that take into account the competitive ability of the regional economy.
No matter whether it be small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, innovation or the environment, a competitive economy requires a diverse mixture of different economic branches.
  • Consequently, we promote the innovative strength of Bremen's enterprises by providing assistance in the implementation of their ideas.
  • We offer a variety of information and advisory services for industry, product-related services, information and communications technologies (ICT), as well as the area of labour protection.
  • We provide businesses with the necessary know-how to promote the development and application of environment and energy-related technologies.
  • We strongly support micro, as well as small and medium-sized, enterprises by offering a service package tailor-made to their requirements.
  • Our campaign against state bureaucracy and lobbying for less red tape is aimed at providing the economy with more room for manoeuvre.
The different specialist departments provide branch-related consultancy and relevant information.